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    May 26th – 28th 2020 BERNEXPO Hall 3.2

Safety Parcours
Safety Parcours Logo

"Health and safety at work, touching, measuring and experiencing"

The Safety Parcours creates a special added value for the visitor. At seven stations, exhibitors provide a unique opportunity for visitors to gain a hands-on experience in the areas of occupational safety and health. Each station takes approx. 10 minutes.

Arbeitssicherheit Schweiz

Special Protection: Is your knowledge up-to-date?

(Stand B.12)

With the annual theme "Particularly protected", the industry solution of ArbeitsSicherheit Schweiz 2018 and 2019 focuses on four groups of people or work situations that receive special protection: pregnant and breastfeeding women, people working alone, young people or trainees and people who work at night. The course post consists of a dice game that confronts the participants with questions about the work situations mentioned. You will receive answers to these and other questions on the subject from our safety experts as take-away information material.

As a gift for your participation, you will receive a discount voucher for further training at Arbeitssicherheit Schweiz.


Drive Safe

(Stand B.12)

The volume of traffic is constantly increasing and traffic situations are becoming increasingly complex. New traffic models such as 30 km/h, meeting zones, etc. are becoming increasingly common nowadays. But who has the right of way and when? One of the most important causes of traffic accidents is disregard for the rules of precedence. Participants must find out the correct order of right of way on the basis of traffic situations depicted in display cases.


Solutions for controlling dangerous energy maintenance and repair without risk

(Stand E.04)

In Switzerland, more than 10 people lose their lives every year maintaining machinery and equipment. Up to 20% of all occupational accidents are due to missing or improper maintenance. Troubleshooting is one of the riskiest activities because it interrupts a normal process and is not 'learned'.

Accidents do not happen - YOU WILL BE CURRENT!

With Lockout/Tagout you plan safety measures that include shutting down energy sources during maintenance.

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Systematically selecting the appropriate chemical glove

(Stand B.18)


We provide you with an understanding of the most important standards and their components in occupational safety and inform you about the innovations so that you can quickly and easily find your way around everyday life and in dealing with safety data sheets.


After the post chemical glove, you will be able to identify the dangers yourself and assess the necessary criteria to find the right glove yourself.

Procedure for items:

  • Explanation of standard EN 374:2003
  • Standard revision EN ISO 374:2016
  • Individual chemical analysis

Medical emergencies at work – providing help with simple measures

(Stand B.10)

Emergencies can happen anywhere. Also at the workplace. Do you know how you can quickly help a person in need? Do you know the signs and which aids should be used in which case? At post 5 you will learn how to use first aid equipment - tailored to the respective emergency.

We put you to the test! We have prepared four emergencies and let you (partly practical, partly theoretical) find the right solution yourself and apply the appropriate aid immediately.


Changes to Ladder Standard EN 131 – increased user safety

(Stand B.15)

In order to increase safety when working on ladders, the European standard EN 131 relevant for portable ladders was revised. Since 01.01.2018, therefore, only ladders in accordance with the new standard may be placed on the market. But what exactly has changed? And what exactly does this mean for dealers and users?


Dust at the construction site

(Stand C.20)

Dust occurs in many processes in the construction industry, ranging from health and productivity hazards to explosion hazards. Visitors are made aware of the prevention of risks by means of practical exercises.

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