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    May 26th – 28th 2020 BERNEXPO Hall 3.2

Live Show

In your training with the Fire-Hazmat-Safety Training Center, you will receive a high level of tactical skills as well as professional know-how in properly dealing with toxic chemical substances in case of a chemical accident. In the area of Occupational Safety, the training concept that the Fire-Hazmat-Safety Training Center has to offer is unique of its kind. Kurt Friderich, Branch Manager at the Fire-Hazmat-Safety Training Center in Zofingen, presents an exclusive selection of such accidents at the GLL Expo.

Live Show Scenarios

Scenario 1

Storage of Dangerous Goods, Packaging, Handling in the Warehouse

We re-enact a forklift accident in a dangerous goods storage facility and demonstrate, how it can be avoided: from first aid measures, appropriately collecting and absorbing the spill, the necessary clean-up operations to new packaging.

Scenario 2

Hazardous materials accident

Hazmat accident on the outdoor premises: a tanker tips over and spills liquids. In collaboration with colleagues from the fire department Bern, the Fire-Hazmat-Safety Training Center (Bilfinger Zofingen) presents and explains the schematic and correct procedure in case of an accident involving a tanker.

Scenario 3

Know your Limits, trust your PPE

The effect of chemicals on the human body, binders and personal protective equipment. PPE, protein (egg and ham), organic and inorganic binders are brought into contact with chemicals, solvents, acids and alkalis, in order to show the importance of your PPE, and to build trust.

Live Show 1
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Live Show 2
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Live Show 3

19 – 20 June:
11:00 a.m
 Stand J.17

21 June:
3 p.m.
 Stand J.17

19 – 20 June:
4:30 p.m.
 outdoor premises

21 June:
10:00 a.m.
 outdoor premises

19 – 20 June:
1:00 p.m.
 Stand J.17

21 June:
3 p.m.
 Stand J.17

Further scenarios to follow in 2020.

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